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Tyronne McKenna

‘The Mighty Celt’ takes his name from the 1995 film he starred in alongside the likes of American siren Gillian Anderson and James Bond villain Robert Carlyle. Although a talented actor, boxing has always been McKenna’s calling. McKenna became a seven-time Irish champion, an U18 European bronze medallist and a Four Nations silver medallist. He turned professional in 2012 after 120 wins from 129 amateur fights. TYRONE RECENTLY WON THE QUARTERFINALS IN THE MTK GOLDAN CONTRACT TOURNAMENT.

Pietro „POWER“ Loriga

Pietro was a sports enthusiast as a child, and practiced many different sports when he was young. Amongst taekwondo, vaulting, football he found his true passion, the sport of boxing.

Despite a late start at the age of 22 he got invited to the United States, shortly after successfully winning amateur fights prematurely, to become a professional boxer.

In the world-famous Wild Card Boxing Club, Pietro trained very hard for his professional debut. The legendary trainer Freddy Roach quickly decided that he was ready to fight professionally. His love of boxing grew even more through his first couple of professional bouts. Furthermore he could develop his boxing style during his six-year journey to various countries (Mexico, United States, Phi- lippines, Thailand) and expand his fighting experience during sparring sessions with international recognized boxers.

He is extremely enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to work on his physical as well as mental strength, and then face a fair fight in the ring.

In addition to his daily work tasks, Pietro trains at least six days a week with often two sessions a day. Despite this high load, he manages to reach his performance limit and grow beyond himself. Which makes him an extraordinary boxing talent.

His ambition and his boundless will to leave the ring with a victory, is what you can count on with Pietro Loriga.